About Patricia



Ms. Patricia Rogers,  CEO, Unity and Service,Inc.

Patricia believes that “preparation is the key to our success” and prior to retiring from a full time job in law enforcement and on June 2016, she decided that enough was enough! Patricia has been serving in the Miami-Dade Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Department for a total of 29 years, working her way up the ladder of success from Correctional Officer to Correctional Lieutenant. Taking pride in those she supervised, Patricia utilized her own time to conduct study groups that enabled staff to excel in their careers. Patricia is a people person, and she has a flair for public relations. Patricia knows that “People are our Best Resources”

Patricia is known as “Ms. Personality” because of her energy and ability to connect with others. Patricia believes that “preparation is the key to our success” and her years of experience in law enforcement catapulted her into her second career as the CEO of Unity and Service, Inc. where she host networking events that sets a platform for entrepreneurs to build their professional network and expose their products and services to attendees. In 2012, Patricia began to host networking events in her back yard, inviting entrepreneurs to come and share a 60 second infomercial about their products and services. Vendors set up their display tables and food was provided for everyone. Just like a live EXPO, but on a smaller scale, and at the organizer’s expense!

The unique thing about “Unity and Service” networking events is, the speakers who are implored to speak at the events share their knowledge and expertise with attendees to motivate, inspire and rejuvenate them, so that they can take their businesses to the next level. Then, there is the meeting after the meeting!

Patricia is not only the CEO of her own company; in 2013 she prepared for her next career as an Independent Associate of LegalShield which is a Multilevel Marketing Business that allows her to market affordable legal and identity theft services that protects the legal rights and identities of individuals, families, small business owners, and commercial drivers. These same services are offered as a group benefit plan for employees with no out of pocket cost to the employer. Her role in leadership allows her to recruit and train other marketers to market the services also.

Patricia has a passion for social media, and if you would like to connect with her, you can find her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and because of her flair for public relations, she is a member of various organizations; The Greater North Miami Chamber of Commerce, National Association for Professional Women, Continental Who’s Who, Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce, Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Prosperity Network and the National Association for Black Women in Construction.

These various platforms allows her to connect with other professionals who are constantly enhancing their own lifestyles.

Awards and Achievements:

Patricia has accomplished several goals, and she believes that if you do the work, the results will follow

  • 1986 Selected as class leader for approximately 43 trainees
  • 1997 Promoted to the position of Correctional Corporal
  • 2003 Promoted to the position of Correctional Sergeant
  • 2009 Promoted to the position of Correctional Lieutenant
  • 2009 Nominated for Bachelor Award by the MDCR Director
  • 2010 Florida General Instructors Techniques Certificate
  • 2011 BS, “Organizational Leadership” ST. Thomas University
  • 2011 National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS)
  • 2011 Commendation “Sterling Challenge Award” MDCR
  • 2011 Certificate of Appreciation from the Office of the Mayor
  • 2012 Commendation from the Broward Sheriff’s Office
  • 2012 Certified National Jail Leadership Command Academy
  • 2013 Recognition for “Walk to Cure Juvenile Diabetes”
  • 2014 Unit Citation/Campaign Award Miami-Dade County
  • 2016 Letter of Appreciation for Shift Lieutenant MDCR

Achievements as an Entrepreneur:

  • 24 months consecutive qualification for a BMW paid for by LegalShield
  • July 2015 – Hosted 1st Network Entrepreneur Luncheon
  • October 2015 – Mentored by Sharon Lector as a “Dedicated Entrepreneur”
  • November 2015 – Public Speaking Certification by Women’s Prosperity Network
  • Various “Live Interviews, Blog Talk Interviews and Tele-Class Interviews”
  • January 2016 – Best Seller, Co-Author “Journey to the Stage”, Volume 3
  • February 2016 – Hosted her 1st “JumpStart Your Business” Workshop


“Motivation” comes from within, but inspiration is passed on by those who have reached the pinnacle of success and who takes pride in teaching others to do the same. So, if you are afraid to take a leap of faith, then don’t go near the edge of life”