Retirement What next


Retirement What next

I begin working for the Department of Corrections many years ago never knowing that it would be 28 long years putting on the same uniform day after day.  What a rewarding experience it has been.

Initially it was just a job, but later learned that it was more than a job, it was a career.  One with benefits that would allow me to raise my two children, without worrying about the cost, even take off to spend time with them while still being paid, have our medical and dental needs met without strain, and even stay home when I wasn’t feeling up to par.  The pay check remained intact!

My children are grown, I achieved my degree, while moving up the corporate ladder into the position of a Shift Lieutenant!  That was not a part of my vision when I first began.  What made me decide to move up in rank were the challenges that I encountered along the way.  Once I realized that challenges catapulted me into my destiny, then I began to embrace them one by one.

Now, I am nearing the end of my career and I have taken on a new role in leadership. Multilevel Marketing which requires good leadership skills.  You have to know how to influence others to see the big picture which some call “our vision!”  Without a vision there is no force to drive you to get up when you don’t want to, to talk and connect with others when you want to be left alone and without a clear vision, you certainly will not enhance the bottom line.  Isn’t the bottom line why we you are working a 9 to 5?

Well with eight months to go before officially retiring, I am off and running in my new endeavour.  My new company is affording me the opportunity to explore social media, connect with amazing individuals and build amazing relationships on and offline and travel to amazing places at the company expense.  If it were not for this company, I would have missed out on many networking events and discovering a plethora of ways to brand myself, being receptive to the knowledge and assistance that I receive from the experts who I meet along the way.

Robert Braulthe says it best, “an optimist is someone who figures that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it’s a cha-cha.” So wish me well as I leap into my destiny!

Finally, my last desire is that I am able to connect with visionaries like “YOU” who know the true value of  the word “entrepreneur” and who understands how a “residual income” can benefit them and their generations that follow. We are who we attract and there have to be more “market builders” just like me!

If it were not for this business, I would not be writing this article.  I love what I have chosen to do and if you visit a few of my links, you will see too that I am excited about my newly found venture and more importantly, I love helping people and empowering them so that they can have an enhanced life too. I look forward to meeting you so that we can rocket to next level!

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