What is commitment?


What is commitment?

Commitment is staying in touch with people who have already done what you are trying to do. You need commitment to achieve whatever your goals are, whatever you desire and whatever you want from life.

Because once your mind is made up to do something, there are always going to be challenges that will take you off course.

Like all other people who make excuses for their lack of commitment as they are afraid or tired, you can do the same. But you have to recognise that sometimes those obstacles are there because of the decisions you have made.

Believe that there is always a way around the rock.

You cannot quit half-way just because you are rejected or it’s been a long tiresome journey, because the moment you decide to give up your dreams is the moment you are going to lose the momentum and it is will be really hard to start all over again.

So the best way is to continue doing what you are doing and to stick to it with the belief that-

Nobody is gonna take me to my dreams but me

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